Today's Featured Band -- Tiny Fireflies

Today's featured band is Chicago's indie pop supergroup, Tiny Fireflies. The band consists of Kristine from thew band Tiny Microphone and Lisle from the band Fireflies and they combined to release a three track EP called ePop005 on Eardrums Pop, an excellent net label that releases collaborations from indie pop and rock bands from all over the world.

The three tracks are an excellent example of indie pop shoegaze, the first track, 'Holding Pattern" is a steamy, slow song that has The xx's signature "make out music for the smart set" sound written all over it. It's a good track for a late Friday night impromptu dance party for two with someone you want to get closer to.

The second track is "Snow," a quiet track that falls around you like snowflakes as it fills the room. Like the TARDIS, it's bigger on the inside and the complex layers combine to create a lovely track that wouldn't feel out of place on a Belle and Sebastian album.

The third track is a true gem, a cover of Skeeter Davis' "The End of the World." Eardrums Pop asks the bands to do a cover of a song and Tiny Fireflies picked a cover of a cover, the Claudine Longet version of "The End of the World."

ePop005 is available for free download from Eardrums Pop. Kristine and Lisle also record together with a few more friends in the Chicago band Very Truly Yours, who have an album out for download from Amazon and iTunes. If you like Allo, Darlin', check out Very Truly Yours.

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